A prayer

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A prayer,

I feel like I am here standing all alone against the raging title waves, and yes I greave within my soul, from the cage to a shallow grave,

with fear like a shadow comes over me, I say a prayer , I am trying to be bold, lord I am just a man, but ur the keeper of my soul. I am trying to keep my sanity, for the good of humanity,

I hope u understand, my heart is full with sorrows and discomfort, I say a prayer to be strong, i dont know how long i have to hold on.

I am torn apart from love, like cold hands without a gloves,I cried like a worrier, and like a wounded soldier on a battle field,whos faith is seal,

dear lord hear my prayer, i promise not to swear if its hurts,but my tears are dried up, I still have an empty cup,oh lord please, hear my cry, my

knees buckled from the weight , lord i am in an awful state, dear lord here i am again my burden, feels like a million pound of pressure,

beating me down like a levey, my heart is so heavy, so i speak for the weak the humble and meak.Although my mind is clear i feel the air,

on my face,and a bitter taste of death,on my tongue.i feel the strain and steam like a run away train, cuz i am trying to run away from all the pain.

and sorrows that befriend me, so i pray for her, him,and she and the world, that denys me and for those who prosecute me, this is my pray to thee.

I just wanna be free.

Submitted: February 08, 2009

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Submitted: February 08, 2009




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