A worriers cry

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A worries cries,

Submitted: February 28, 2009

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Submitted: February 28, 2009



A worriers cries,

From the bottomless pit, on a thorwn of rocks i sit, my hands raise high to the skies, to the sun god i pray,lord give me strength today.

to the moon god,at his feet i pray,i lay down my burden,come what may, to the east,and to the west,north,and south,my feet firmly on solid ground,I cried for mercy for my,

bruse and battered soul,to the god of wisdom,faith and power hear my cry,this hour, guide my path way, but save my people from themselves, they are mentally dying,and spiritual suffering,

for the lack of understanding,retardation,the element of failure,heal pain,thier hearts and thoughts are shallow,living in vain, I am so ashame,thier heads are swallen with devlish deceptions, drinking,

the water of iniquity,eating the food of wickedness,they are children of evil full of themselves, selfish conceited, senselesscontemptuous attitude, exaggerations and arrogant,behavior

A worries cries, from the hills and mountain top, tears like river, today I prayed for knowledge, enough to spread among my people,today i pray for thier lost souls.

spoon fed, the walking living dead,poisen hearts, too egotistical,conspicuous,like to fuss and cuss, narsistic views of themselves, lacking of knowledge,

A worries cries,from the shadows of darkness, weary and tied of fighting,he shad so much blood,sweat and tears,his heart is heavy full of sorrows with a heavy,living in this concrete,jungle.almost to the point of defeat,

oh lord give me the power, of ten men, and the will and pride to save the living from the dead, now I close my eyes,and bow my head,and listen to what the voice of gods as they speak to me,

A worries cries almost blind from the darkness,lost as i sit on my thorwn of rocks,and my hands stretch wide open, my sword in my right hand, and a hammer in my left hand.

I am worrier thats what i am, but a simple man

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