beautiful Butterfly

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Beautiful Butterfly

Submitted: June 22, 2010

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Submitted: June 22, 2010



UR My beautiful Butterfly

your the beauty of the morning sunshine,from ur head down to ur behind, tonight our hearts will gracefully meet cuz. its my treat,this will be discreet i can't wait,

i know its gonna be great,ur eyes are so inviting,ur sweet and charming smile captivate,and motivate my soul to love you even more,oh i have faith u won't be late for our,

date at eight,everything will be straight (a okay),cuz tonight we're gonna wine and dine under the shadows of the dimely lite moonlight,just u and I, tonight im gonna,hold u close and tenderly,

i am gonna make u all mines my love my queen,my butterfly,oh how ur love glow like precious diamonds,and gold, as u emerge before mine eyes like a caterpiller into the most beautiful,angelic,butterfly, ur body,

is like a goddiss, flawless, stlyish, sexy,ur the sophisticated, every curves structured in the rite plc, so delicious, its infectious,im so mesmerize,and energized,almost hypnotized, im in love,u make my heart beat twice,

Ur my beautiful butterfly.

I think i found satisfaction in ur sparkling eyes,yes i found true love its in ur charming smile,my beautiful butterfly, how can i express in so many words how i feel,cuz i love you so dearly,

u touch every inch of my manhood,making my tempreture rise, ur love is so good, its just the way u love me.i think im in love,my heart, yurns, and bursting with hot desires, ur so amazing, ur my beautiful, butterfly.

like the flavor of a straw berry apple pie,and honey plum sugar pie, ur sweet love i can't deny,even though i mightbe shy i can't lie, i want u,need u, my beautiful butterfly,bliss,with,endless love, from ur thighs to ur breast,

ur the best, my beautiful butterfly.

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