changing faces

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changing faces

Submitted: May 23, 2010

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Submitted: May 23, 2010



altchanging faces,alt

A new generation,a natural evolution, changing faces,signs of the times,as the young becomes the old,and neighbors with kind souls,wen living and surving is on thier,

minds,shh if u listen u can still hear,laugters of little girls and boys echos in the distance,and father time with stories untold, opinons on the bellbored and pages of the daily news and,the new yorktime,

when the old reminise of a world that was once groovy,funcky hip,and kind.When we listen to songs with compassion, promises, love,dreams,and hopes,they talk of the good old days,so they,played duminos,chinese

checkers,and drink wine,and beer until dawn,sleepy so they yarn, when the young grow restless and shows interest,and yurn for pleasures,money,lust love, wishing wells and wedden bells, changing faces in the crowds,

of millions,technology, and theoloy. men now reaching for the moon, talkin heads,of raising the dead,soon,sicenceprojets,and life experiences.changing faces once a man and twice a child,a changing,unxplained,inhumane,the

unexpected, the skies turn red,nothing is the same, talks of heaven and hell,love,.peace,liberty,wars, freedom,changing faces some friendly,some tame and whild,some sweet sour and spoild,oh the good old days,now anew age,of syfy

and spies,the strong survive,not much fun,eating on the run,now we worried about oil spill,people getn killed,reality and fears,some fell short of the finish line,and others with stand the test of time.changing faces,wicked innovations,fail

technology,2012 predictions, talking heads,listen to the words they said,kissable faces,mischievous,polititions,attitudes,and lies. Dooms day, american apple pies,people being rude,good,bad,civil liberty,ablue print of life, as we change

and evolve,lifes mistery,wasted time,vanishing times of yesterday,and today, we can never get back,here today gone the next, changing faces like the clock on the wall,acid rain that falls,cold winter hot summer,spring and fall,

but together we can all stand tall,life is too short,maybe its a natural order,so lets dance and evok our inner spirits,for guidance,and repentance,this is the execution of our emotions,lets dance as we embrace life,and the inevitable.


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