Dark Rage

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Dark Rage,

Submitted: February 24, 2009

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Submitted: February 24, 2009



altDark Rage,alt

I control my destiny,could this be a apfiney?,maybe its my environmental history, some say life is a mistery,just ask bill and hilary.

I can't and i won't let my inner demonds get the best of me, I control the rage inside me,,that whild beast,that pleagues and tease me, trying to claim my soul. and torchering,me,

 dark rage can be a mental, mind, minipulater,its an anger like some strangers, its like a troll, it gives u cold emotions,  thoughts, of evil, and insanity within, just waiting to jump out.

dark rage like ocean wave,  thunder,and lightneing,but my inner voice say pause, ,Let me exhale and inhale,from the diafram, so i can be calm, no need for an alarm,this is an artistic choice,dark rage,

is a danger, it will eat you alive, dark rage its in everyone,

like a lamb to the slaughter, so warn ur sons and daughters, yes you can control your overwhelming gathic heart,. its call the dark rage, of life.

Dark Rage, its written on every page ,your life story played out on stage, 

Dark rage is the horror  near.like a grizzly bear,charging ready to tear, so be wear,, Dark Rage is everywhere. but I control my destiny, could this.

be a apfiney, dark rage, is the other side of us, u and me.life is what we make it, we just can't shake it, but we can always debate it.


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