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Submitted: February 09, 2009

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Submitted: February 09, 2009




I see your tears, I hear your fears, but do you really care for anyone else but yourself, yourselfish ways,will always bring u nothing but pain,

I hear your lies, cuz i can see it your eyes,your stone cold heart will fail you someday, your betrayal soul will leave u somewhere. .

I listen to your empty mind,i can see that your ranning out of time,place and space,a crown of thorns will be your pillow,a fernis of fire will be your bed.

troubles will follow you, where ever you may go,your evil soul will never rest,until ur dead, no one will cry, cuz your a betrayer.Your attitude is stink as i watch u

shrink,yet deeper into urselfissh ways,you speak without, compassion,cuz your soul has no passion, your heart will never be free, because you kill me.

first your teaser, and dont know how to de apleaseer,ur askeezyer, disgusting, cold hearted, stealer, frozenemotions,trickery, hopping from hand to hand.

the sleezy type, all fluff and hype,or parden me did you sneeze, i could"nt tell cuz you lie so well,escuse me, please, you will never find what your looking for,in life

cuz you kill me, its a shame, you will never change, you will never be satisfied, cuz your crust, your a deceiver, u kill me.but some day, someone will kill u too.

Your a deceiver lol.

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