Desensitize Nonreactive Bully

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Desensitize Nonreactive Bully

Submitted: November 25, 2010

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Submitted: November 25, 2010



JonStewartDesensitize nonreactive,Windy

Who is this man in the mirrow a little boy ask his dad,?is he a hero,a zero,is he a fighter a lover,a stigma,or infamy,is he a leader or a follower,is he good or bad, please tell me dad,i am so sad,and frustrated,or is he the most hated,

who is he,?is he a cure or a deases a healer,or dealer,why did he look away,he didnt help me,when i was bullied today at the school ground, my hands temparery bound, bleeding, A bullie push me down,he just stood thier,and watch,

and do nothing,so dose many like him,standing around and did nothing,dad!, they seems to be desnesitize, hypnotize,psycohologically detach,extinguish from thier emotions,and resposibilities,nonreactive,a demonstration of a passive,

behavior,they all walked away,even when i was hurt and crying,from my physical and mental wounds,daddy,daddy!, whats wrong with me, am i so ugly to the world,they can't see,Oh no my child the world is ugly to you,consume with crimes;

and shame,Why daddy,did they just stear,are they judging me?,thier lips moving thier talking about me, some even laugh at me,oh baddy is this evil when it crawls inside our heads,and make a ness,conquering, and devouring our minds,affec

ting our judgement,troubling,to our reasoning,swallowing our prides?be coming Desensitize and numb. Oh yes my child, i wish i was there today, to help u, but i was at work, i am so sorry, son the world is so cruel, and uncaring,so daring,

this has to stop,we need a change,for the better,thier appetite for destruction and pain is overwhelming, its a mental mirrow,of reality and self worth,Obut daddy who is this man in the mirrow,who is he?a baller,shot caller,a policeman,

a postman,a fireman,a solider,a monster,a goodman,a fisherman,a teacher apreacher man,too afraid totake a stand,Son the man in the mirrow is everyone u and me,the community,the world,sociate,but some of us now are too Desensitize,

to realize,we are allin it together,maybe its theenvironment, that harden thier souls,and gave them cold,spirits and hearts,but with lovewe can be reactive,and stand up to bullies, with reckless,behaviour,some how be thier saviour, its love.

with our neighbors and friends, peaople dont care like no more son,they behave now like,animals in the wild,oh simply spoiled,bulling is wrong,god help us all.we need to stop the bullying,for good.

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