Do u love me?

Do you love me,?alt

Do you love me, like i love you? Do you care, for what i wear,or what u hear?when people say things or talk about me.

Do you like the things i say, are you a shy kind of girl, who promise to rock my world. or do u think i have soul.i promiseto treatu likegold,andshelter u from the cold.

but do u love me?do you like to have fun? oh are you always on he run? do you believe in lust, love and lies,or the feelingd oflove butterflies,and the taste of a sweet american apple pies,?

Do you believe in fary tales,magical spells,heaven or hell,oh kiss and tell,or that old ,old wishing well, oh what about the,mistrys,of ghost and spirits,? do you beleive in love.?and all the above,

do you love me,like i love you? will you still be my friend and talk to me even when we,fuss, cuss and fight, would u make everythingalright.? Oh what if im wrong?,would you forgive me, Do you really love me?,

do you care?,can you feel my heart beat,each time we meet?my love my dear,cuz each time i am near you,it feels so good.Do u love me,? like i love u? i believe u do cuz u told me u do, my sweet boo.


Submitted: October 10, 2009

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