dreamy eyes

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Dreamy eyes

Submitted: May 05, 2009

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Submitted: May 05, 2009



I just love thoseILoveYoualtDreamy eyes,altoh it feels so good to be love by u,kiss me passionatly my love,feel me inside of u, warm and special.oh it feels so good.Valentinehandheart

oh I just love those dreamy eyes, of urs, like the reflection of the mirrow, the songs of the sparrows,like the beauty of paradise, its no surprise its where passion and love never dies.just let me massage ur slender shouldes,heart

down to ur beautylicious thighs,ur love,got me high,i can't deny, close ur eyes, i have something in mind for u my love, as u fade into the darkness,just like a dream,oh let me touch ur body,taste and scoop ur love like ice cream,,kiss

sshh don't say a word,the night is young,the candles are dimely lite,let me ease ur desires,and kiss ur sweet lips,of fire,whispered in ur ears, this loving is for us to share,i'll give u so much cuz i care,i just love those dreamy eyes,kiss

Oh ur hair is like a soft banqut of velvet roses,let me run my fingers along ur pantyhose,mm it feels good,let me take ur fears away.as u cry tears of joy,i'll sing u a lullaby,plz dont cry,i just love those dreamy eyes,its the window to ur soul.

oh i get chills each time ur near, i break out in hives, my passion gets overload, with ur body heat,oh my love, ur so easy to love, so sweet , soft like the touch of cotton,with that ring in ur belly botten,oh i just love those dreamy eyes,

close ur eyes my love, i like to watch as u slowly zone in and out, moaning in heat as we kiss and touch,let me lossened and free all ur emotions,u can count on my devotions,i'll be,ur every man,just take my hand,

i'll always be there whenever u need me, to stimulate and manipulate,ur body mind and soul,to take u on that excited natrual high, oh ur so remarkable, sensual,and sexual,i just love those dreamy eyes.

all this love is waiting for u,so feel me, please me, tease me, taste me like alazay wine,with a pitch of lemon, sqeeze of lime,please be mines,all the time, corrupt my mind,together we'l be fine,

i just love those dreamy eyes of urs.we must be compatible cuz i like ur zodiac sign, its love.

altcuz allILoveYouFlowers this love is waiting for u my love, I just love those dreamy eyes .aaaah.altalt


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