Everyone lies

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Everyone lies

Submitted: June 01, 2010

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Submitted: June 01, 2010



AprilFoolsDayEverybody lies,

He lies,she lies,we lie, i lie, we all lie,but are we design this way,to lie,? we lie to the teacher,to the preacher,as guys just to meet her,.

then she lies, about her,loving u, she lies about her loving me,she lies, about things she may or may not do,He lies about what he does,where he's been,and things,he's seen,

we almost all the time lies,this is a world,of lies,a society of liers,small ones to the big ones,its all the same,its an epodemic,u think itsfunny a comic, u laughbut its serious,lying ur wayout of everything.

everybody lies,

sometimes,from the father to the son,the mothers to the daughters,tricks and fictions blame it on addiction,or the aurther,pam and martha,nothing but lies, we lie about history,happy days,

and about our ages.we lie like drunking sailor,just ask tim or tailor.even if we drop,we just can't stop telling lies, we all lie,about our lives, is it by design oh d na,we lie about everything,being single,rich,

and wealthy,we lie in everything we say, there's a new lier each day,we lie even when we pray,we lie to our neighbors,to ourselves,friends and families,but never mind to strangers,just to get our way.

we lie about who we are,and who we are not,we lie saying she's skiny when she is fat, we lie about where we've been to where we sat,blame it on society,or a musician,blame it on the crooked politicions.

everyone lies,

some lie, with a straight face,other lie with tears in thier eyes,oh me or my she is lying again,about her hair,wat she wears,oh i thought she said she cares.

nowhe is lying again about his job,oh he's a money,some say his a pimp, oh no his a wimp,his a player, a user,dam why did lie,and accuesed her just lies after lies.

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