Frozen rain

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Frozen rain

Submitted: July 19, 2009

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Submitted: July 19, 2009



altFrozen rain,alt

Frozen rain like blood stain, sprinkling all over me,ITS IN SANE,as it turn into snow flakes running from the river to the lakes, oh,

for heaven sake, my poor heart is wide awake, as i stretch my arms out and reached for the skys oh no not another heartache,I THINK I HAVE A headache,i can't stop rubbing my eyes.

dear god, i need to smile, just once again,if u can show me a sign.Let this be the rite time,cuz i am losing my mind , I keep on wondering,as the rain,magically turns into,frozen rain,will I see my love again,

but its kind of romantic to watch ,the rain fall to the earth, almost in a row,as it turns into snow,I often fantasize of love, and passion,and the twisted episode of love.but i better take it slow. and enjoy the magic show,

count to ten and let my inner anger subside,let it go,Like a whisper she calls my name,i suddenly,egnore the frost beat on my toes,and fingers,it feels like fire and ice,but pretend we'er together again,just us two,me and u,

cuz deep inside i know you love me,so maybe can just watch the frozen rain,to gether, falling downyet again and again, as we soon find comfort in each others arm, i think love is calling again,

as we fall in love,watching thefrozen rain like blood stain,my love for u will always be the same,lets play this love game.No more pain. But oh let me hold you tight before u slip and hit the wall if u should fall,be carefull,

how u play in this frozen rain or u could lose it all, lets smile and laugh,and be witty,CUZ UR STILL MY HEART DESIRE, In this Frozen rain, i love u ,but too shy to say, maybe i will today cuz

UR LOVE makes me feel so good,It TAKES ME,

YET HIGHER. nothing really matters, butour love for each other,in this frozen rain. maybe now I can reallysmile again.


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