gothic clouds

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Gothic clouds, On a darken gothic night,

Submitted: February 15, 2009

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Submitted: February 15, 2009



Gothic clouds,alt

On a darken gothic night, not a creature in site, the wind howls like angry wolve its a full moon,tonite the clouds grow think u can almost cut it with a knife.

the stars dimly lit tonite,almost invisible bearly seen, for the shadows of the gothic clouds,a cold like chill,spooky broken spell,a wishing well, mistry of evil and black magic,vail.

gothic clouds over shadows the moon light, and silhouette figures like giant bats,and alley cats,and vultures searthing for its pray,trying to take thier souls away.

But i have to see my baby tonight, she is waiting for me over on the otherside of town,and a wooden bridge is what seperates us,i got to get to town,to see my love.

where she's waits for me,her passion and crazy sense of adventure is calling me,eaging me on,but its that dark gothic cloud,like a road block trying to hold me back. like a horror dreadfull,

dream, i can visualise a vision of a pale moon, and tormented spirit its the, four horsemen, riding though the darken gothic clouds, but i can't turn around, I could hear the sounds,

of music in my head, its her favorite song, its call love me gently, it said love me tenderly, I am determine to go on come what may, even if its a price i have to pay, i am going,

to see my baby going though that old darken gothic clouds,to see my baby


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