Her meltdown,

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Submitted: May 25, 2009

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Submitted: May 25, 2009




A meltdown in her universe its a depression its so hard to reverse, her tears like a river,but i for gave her,its like a curse, a broken spell,she's living in hell,

anger,hate and rage becomes her best bosom buddy, her heart is cold and dark as the abyss,is loving her a bliss?no. she changes her mind all the time, at a drop of a dime,its a melt down,

emotional overload mental, stalling ,Insanity, vulnerable, characteristic and personality .nothing matters anymore to her,she talks of the pass, her memories like broken glass.

she talks about empty dreams like blank papers, her soul plumth like a water fall hitting the rocks and the bottom of the walls,

she seems so unreachable and onreasoning,confuessing thoughts,conflicting harsh reality sets in,Its a meltdown she has a one way ticket to hell,and her thirst for pain,

is endless. She suffered in silence, franticly, nervous and frustrtion,clouds her judgement, of people she cried insider for help, hopelessness, complex mind and mood,

swings, meltdown it can happen to u too.don't let it be u.


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