His misery

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His Misery

Submitted: March 06, 2009

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Submitted: March 06, 2009



His Misery,

Misery loves company mom use to say to me, don't ever get in its way, but how could we avoid undesirable words.

from our enemy, words that cuts like a knife,Misery is an evil choice of food, we should never partake of,once it gets into ur blood, these are thesymtoms

weakness, failure,sickness, headaches, backaches, neck pains and evils thoughts, anxiety of every kind, the wieght of the world is on your,

mind,trying to put you down,Misery can be a tongue of fire,lips of acid,orweird as a squid,misery makes u hurt and suffered deep inside,

the walls of ur inner soul, sturated,ur visions making u becomes obscure,as it taunts and tease you, with unpleasant words, and mind games, Misery is the devils wish board.

Misery can altered and clouds ur judgement, and off set our perceptions,putting terror in ur heart and mind,we become deaf dumb and blind. mindless

Misery love company Dad said its a drug, a bitter pill we should swallow, it makes u a prisoner in ur own skin. it makes u screem and halla,u just can't win,

His Misery, her misery your misery, my misery.

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