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Submitted: November 12, 2009

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Submitted: November 12, 2009




She's got runny nose,teary eyes,a voice thats hoarse,too weak to speak, i kissed her cheeks,she is coughing no more laughing,

her birth name is eva,i can't help but sympathize with her, i have to try and ease her suffering, she's got a slight fever, i notice it,

as soon as i came over to see her. Oh no i just can't leave her, i have to treat and please her,cuz i want and need her,its quite simple,i adore her,

but she seems to be in pain,cold and shivering,she's got a splitting headache,its driving her in sane,just wrecking her brains,oh my dear, i am gonna take good care of u,

let me put some vicks on ur face,and forehead,oh how about some chicken soup, here u can taste it, oh may i suggest some lemon drop tea,oh I,or maybe some mint,to make u feel better,

oh i feel ur so close to me, rightnow,how about some thero-flu,just lay low,oh tell me what else can i do,boo? i promise i'll make you well,let me softly whisper so u can hear, im gonna slowly tuck u in

bed,but let me make u a bath,and dress u in ur favorite lovely pajames,red. here's a cotton pillow rest ur pretty little head, no need for any doctor, tonight i'll be more than her chiropractor, better than ur favorite,

tv actor,but more dedicated to ur every needs,and wants,cuz i a dore u,let me treat ur symptoms, with prayer love, and affection.she took a cat nap, or snap i think she's gotten much better as she slowly,

open up her eyes,to my suprise she smile and say thank u,baby,and squeeze my hand,I will forever more be ur lady and,ur my man, i can breeth again, so let it rain, cuz i adore her, i love her i'll never leave her,

no more fever,i think i am gonna keep her cuz i a dore her.


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