I am not sure i love her

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i am not sure i love her

Submitted: January 27, 2011

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Submitted: January 27, 2011



PoutyI am not sure i love herCrying2

It seems like puppy love,write from the start,i gave her my love my soul and my heart,like romeo and juliet,jack and jill,our love went up and down the hill.

my heart can't be sure, if i do,or if i dont, maybe i will,or wont get past her attitude and sicastic ways,,im just not sure,we are gonna make it, cuz i cant fake it,i wear my heart on my sleves,

perhaps we will try counceling, cuz i need to release, and ease, this pain,i tried to touch her soul,by treating her like solid,gold, i took her out and buy her dinner,i thoughti saw in her a winner,i gave her beautiful flowers,

and velvet roses,fancy shoes and the latest clothes,now i feel like a loser, and she's a user,maybe i am a fool, playing by her rules,but let me keep my cool, brused ego,yet i refused, to let go, of my faith,but i hide my tears, a man aint,

supose to cry,yes i am in distress,i must confess,i am not my best,its my worst,for putting her first, maybe its a curse, i am not sure i love her,i have my doughts, about her,no cemistrybetween us,i feel like an old battle ship,yes i

tooka hit,our love fades and rust, no trust,our feelings turns into dust,Oh lord knows i've tried,i am so tied, i died,ofa broken heart, its getting so heavy,my body shakes i cant stand steady,its seems like puppy love,we we'rnt quite ready,

maybe thats all,it was,cuz i am not sure i love, her.the way she loves me,if at all.

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