I'd rather be with you.

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I'd rather be with you, I would take your love over money, riches,and jewelry,

Submitted: February 11, 2009

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Submitted: February 11, 2009



BeMineI'd rather be with you.AllMyLove

I'd rather take your love over money,riches and precious jewelry,To see you smile makes my heart melted like butter, these words i can only uttered cuz i'd rather be with you.

I'd rather,swim the deepest ocean, climb the highest peek,grease every wheel that squeeked,pull down the moon and the stars,kiss u softly on ur cheeks,give u strength when ur weak,cuz i'd rather be with you.

I'd rather be with you,in every way,each and everyday for the rest of my life,and make you my wife,Let me hold you,in my warm embrace,like a dancing ballerina,cuz i love u,yesI'd rather be with you,

I'd rather be with you, in my dreams,on a tv screen,because we'are on the same team,my hunger for you is never ending,im glad ur not condersending,oh your so amazing my beautiful love,I'd rather be with you.my dove,

i'd rather be with u, though good times and bad times, though think and thin, as long as u open up ur heart and let me in, i love u, more than words can say,my need for u will never go away,cuz i'd rather be with u.

i'd rather be with u,though all the ups and downs,to share ur smile, and even ur frown,i wanna share,ur laugher,and feelings too,u send chills up my spin,each time u come around, my love, my heart is full,with,

so much joy love,happiness,and desire, thats whyid rather be with you,every day of my life.

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