If i could change the world,

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If i could change the world

Submitted: February 06, 2009

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Submitted: February 06, 2009



If i could change the world,alt

I would first change me,for the better, cuz i am a go getta,to the letta,I would then give jobs to everyone, who needs one,and a helping hand for those in need.

Oh yes indeed,If i could change the world, i would have peace in every land, I would dismiss and dismantle every racist clan,and put a band on poverty, open up,a univerity, for the poor,break down the door, to freedom,

and liberty,no more bigotry,i would prove that all man are created equal, letit be another sequel,no more will we go hunger, or in need of food, or money, If i could change the world, love would be free, like magic from the belly of the sea.

heaven would be closer than u can imagine,just think of six flags, in every ghetto, let the wheel spin slow,no hieght,is required,no fighting or back biting, politiciansare liers,the sun beam will bea giant light, the rainbow will be a,

ribon in the sky hanging so low, u can even touch the skies,i would have a logo that said peace and love, no more wars,no more darken days and lonely nights,we will all dance,until our feet is sour,

every streets corner would be brightly litt, so the children can ran and play, and laughter will acho through out the land,and we will live in peace and harmony,a place call paradise, if i could change the world i.

would make it,a much better place for u and me.i will free the captive,so they too can live,i would the ugly beautiful,turn all hate into love,respectfully,i will creat a happy emotion so ur smile,

will be easy,if i could change the world, i will first change me,so i can change u, for the better,serenade ur souls with passion,so all can love one ANOTHER,so we can,together,

exhale and inhale,the freshness of desires,pure and enjoyable,stop the autumn leaves from falling,make summer yet alittle longer,and winter and spring hold hands, if i can change the world,

i would start today,


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