lov dies tomorrow

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Love dies toomorrow

Submitted: October 10, 2009

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Submitted: October 10, 2009



Love dies tomorrow,alt

no more pain, heartaches, or sorrows, after the storm then comesa calm, no need for the alarm,love has been,

disarm, disintegrate, no debate, love has just died, oh what an awful state, love died peacefully, conquer by hate, the heavens,

open up its gate and recieve its own,no more waiting needlessly on the phone,hell freezes over, bleeding fire and brimstone, no more,kisses and hugs,love's now laid out,

like a rugg, bound and gagged, shot down, its smile now turn into a frown,pierce deeply in the heart by cupids broken arrow,love dies tomorrow, it takes the flesh from my bone,now im,so all alone,

empty inside no place to ran or hide,naked and strip of its faith,now its too late,maybe we should start all over with a clean slate, am so overwhelm, wrapted me in clover, make me over, but help me to get over,all

my fears,it seem that love never cares, it haunts my dreams, like a drug fein, looking for his last beam,or hit,as he grind his teeth and spit,no more fantasys of yesterday, today,my heart is sadden, no more,

thoughts of a church wedden,or a song by ottis redden,love was here now its gone,a man dies a child is born,it was all i had cut like the tip of rose thorne, but love dies tomorrow.it has no more place,

to roam, cold as the winter breeze,i watch it as it freezed. itcan bring u to ur knees,close ur hands if u sneeze, cuz love dies tomorrow, no more sorrows, no more pain,love is deceased, gone again .scattered pieces of ,.

what remaines, love dies tomorrow, today. cuz thats the game.the weplay, a fool for love,a toolin love,love dies tomorrow.


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