Me without u

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me and u

Submitted: December 10, 2010

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Submitted: December 10, 2010



altaltMe without UHeAndSheMooniesalt

what is happiness withouts maddness,what is tears,without laughter,what is joy and the forever after,what is war without peace, love without hate,buti can't picture me without u,

what is pain without pleasure,?the 4 seasons without the weather,and kindness so deep it just cant be measured,what is yesterday without today, night without day,what is monday without sunday,

what is sunshine without the rain, a headache without pain,take an advil or an asprin,spring without rain,its all the same,why have voices if u cant sing,a marrigewithout a ring,feelings without a gentle touch,

BUT i can't imagine me without u.

what is faith without glory? site if its blurry,what is suduction,without attraction, romance without a second chance,so lets dance,cuz we only live once,what is bliss without a kiss,ear if u can't hear,

what is sensuality without,sexuality,sanitiy without security,?what is fashion,without style,lets kiss for awhile,o let mesee ur smile,what is lust without desire? water without fire,But i can't imagine me without u,

what is destiny without a journey, friction without a ignition ,reality without society,a home without community,unity without anxiety,what is a flower without the sunshine,what is attitude without confidence,

But i can't imagine me without u.

what is love without intermacy,a curse without mercy,faith without hope,good without bad,a boy without his dad,But i can't imagine me without you,my love,

what is winter without christmas,summer without the heat, autumn without fall,spring without the gentle breeze,a sandwich without cheeze,its always polite to say pardon me please,

But i can't imagine me without u


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