oh how i cry to love for love,

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O how i cry to love for love,

Submitted: November 07, 2010

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Submitted: November 07, 2010



YouBrokeMyHeartoh how i cry for love to love,

my heart is heavy,i can hardly breath,i am not ready yet to leave,oh please ifeels coldlike the winter breeze,there are so much we could acheive,if we stop, fussing,cussing,no trusting,and fighting,if only i had someone who cares for me but,

at first i thought she did,but she just wanted to be rid of our prmises,we use to talk of having children ormaybe akid,but her loose temper,and frequent out burst, put our love in revere,she step on my heart, like an unwanted roast,so i had to,

walk away, in humilitie,my humble unfettered loving heart ,have so many regrets,some i cant for get,we could'nt finish what we started,she broke my heart in so many peices,oh how i wish we never met,my poor heart,was set on having a,family

or alittle emily,i hope i can for give her someday,but not today,i pray my silent pain,and shame will melt away,and she might change,and watch wat she say,her deceptive,rude,attitude,and unworthiness of my unyeilding love,it's a mess,i know.

i am not perfect, i know i stumble,but im humble,i hate her grumbling,rumbling words, piecing my soul,her hurtful lines and unapologetic behavior,is a failure ,maybe someday she'will realize that love is not a game,love can feel pain,love is

more than just emotions,oh i how i cryed for love to love,to ease my burden and unhappy illusions of love,today our love is desolved, nothing can be resolve,we barely spoke,or crack a joke,so many personal memories, my heart cried in the

darkness of the night please turn off the light let me hide my site, from this temporary shame, of love, this awful feeling is weighing me down,so low to the ground,like a hundread pounds of lead,oh how i cry for love to love to give,meaning

to all thegood things we've said but nevergot achance to do,inthe past,hopingit will last,but today we say good buy no more living a lie,our love its dead,oh how i cred for love to love,for understanding,patience, alittle faith,and hope that

someday,i can smile once more, instead of walking out the door,feeling distort,distortion,rejection,dejected,dejection,oh how i cryed for love to love, with a open heart, to live and perhaps love once again.my tears would be laughter,ever after.

oh how i cryed for love to love for me.

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