Our love growing stronger.

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Our love growing stronger, day by day.

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I can feel our love growing stronger, day by day like the gentle breeze that blows on your face,and the beauty of the sun's ray,like the river to the sea, like a big old oak tree.

our love is growing stronger,like the fresh scented rose garden,between ur heart and mines, i think we've got the best of love,strong and unyeidling,it will last forever, and a day for eternity.

I can feel our love will get stronger,yet sweeter,with passion enough for the world,oh that look in ur eyes is as naked as my imagination,its love,but have i told u just how much i really care?.

oh baby ur my world, my girl,my soul sister,I can feel our love growing stronger, as we grow older,day by day, cuz ur happiness is my weakness, ur joy is my comfort,ur smile is my faith,in u, my

love, cuz u leave me breathless,there is truely no contest my love, thinking of u makes my heart beat like an african brum, lets celebrate,our love as we get mature and stronger, i love you,

from ur head to ur feet, let me feel ur bady heat,I feel our love will grow stronger,my beautiful,angel, ur so special to me,ur radiant like the sunshine, A CLEAR SIGN OF JOY,ur my endless love,my very existance.

my first and last,my everything,the best thing in my life,

Submitted: January 28, 2009

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