pent up desire

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pent up desire

Submitted: March 09, 2009

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Submitted: March 09, 2009



altPent up desire,alt

I whispered in her ears, as we lock eyes on each other, she is hot like the flames of hell,oh well this is good,i knew we made a love connection,by her quick reactions so our hearts,

smile as we gentley touch each other,slowly we were all over each other,like a dog in heat,i touch,her hands and compiment her feet,suddenly we both feeling on each other,i squeezing,on her roundbootydilcious rear,

stroking her velvet hair,rubbing her sex body,getting her hotter than larva, kissing her sweet lips,and inner thighs, love is in the air,i can feel it, i swear,i kissed her tenderly some more on her neck , Oh her fregrance is like

afresh,bed of egyption roses, enough to drive me whild, my animalistics ways came out, and so does hers, i was love struck, and stock with pent up desires and lustful emotions, i could'nt stop feeling

on her chest and ,.licking her breast,glued onlike the cling on's, she was sucking on my shaft like a new born, her lips feels like warm sensation,like thetaste

of rasberry red wine,as i peeled her clothes off, like a whild lion on a pray, i picked her up and threw her on the bed,spreading her pretty

legs wide open,as i peel and tear her silky under wear. Pent up desire, took over,we both on fire two untame cage animals wanting each other,like no other.

I roar like a lion taking control of my pray,i insert ,my shaft as i go deep and deeper into her pleasure box,she is on top,moans and groan in extasy almost like afantasy,splash, its coming she said its the big ooooooooo

im coming, ooooo extasy,we just can't stop,her eyes roll back,in her headshe is in a zone,. i think i am about to explored, my heavy load,all my love nectar deep into her abyss, pent up desire she's got my soul on fire.

hot and sticky every drop inside her.alt


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