she is not worth it

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she is not worth it

Submitted: February 12, 2011

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Submitted: February 12, 2011



she is not worth it,

dont be mad my brother if i tell u the tureth,about ur so call lover,she is not worth it, she is not in love with you, take a clue,did she stop calling u boo,

didu know the things they say she do,with ur uncle loo,she is out all nite, at the bars,drinking,cussing like a sailor,dam so menytheysaidimpaled her, raw no

protection,sexually, infact i heard a friend of a friend said he anal her too,oh my brother,this is the trueth about ur lover, she is not worth it men,just let it go,these are the things,

that u know,her life style, oh that girl is whild,too lose, like a goose,men its time for u to chose reality from fiction,oh its an unhealthy adiction,this should be ur reaction, o.m.g,

she is not worth it, i know ur heart is heavy,like new orleans, levy.still o.m.g. her action is pathetic,its traggic, men let it go, its a no show,cuz the more u know,urgonna blow ur cool.

dont be fool, she is a lier,a cheater,a deciever,disrespectfull,a heart breaker,a soul taker,with a foul attitude,always in a mixed up mood,too complicated,full of heatred, men get a clue,

she dont love you,she is not worth, it men, ur time,the pain, sacrifices,and aggrivation,the heartaches,she has a mess up emotion,maybe split personallites,too dam witty,keep on walking,

dont look back,

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