Silent death

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Silent death

Submitted: February 15, 2009

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Submitted: February 15, 2009



Silent death,

Cold as ice,and sneaky like, a diamond back rattler snake, he is everywhere and know where,

No need to search for it, for it will find you,like a domisticate animal, following you everywhere you may go,

silent death,isjust around the corner, waiting,like lightning itstrike, you downwhere u stand,cuzit knowswhere uare at all times.ready for u to make amistakes,

for ur soul it take, to heaven or hell, afatal results, is always the same outcome,it comesin thestill of the night, or the middle of the day,it comes to steel ur heart away,

it has no friends,no aliance,it shows no favoritism,to the rich nor forthe poor, it dos'nt matter wether a doctor or a lawyer,doors,black or wite,red or brown.a singer or a clown,

it canleave you, choking, dryed and gasping for air,look arund u its always near,as urheart stopped ur spirit, drop, once a man now twice a child.

as it came to claim yet another body,another one bite the dust, no where to ran, no whereto hid,coldtrail of distruction,as urlips gets parched,too weak to speak,

ur time is up,as itconsume,and take ur last breath, silentlydeath walks alone,another another victum,yet another soul,

your here today,then gone tomorrow, no more pain and no more sorrows the same for every borough.

like awounded pray, ur helpless ur fragile,just waiting for silentdeath,like a friend u never had, like a sheep to the slaughter, as it takes ur mother,father,sister and brother. hehas no,

care for your nationality, nor your race,silent death is everywhere and know where, he has no love,no fear stright or queer, he'll sure to,

find you anywhere .silent death is far and near,.

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