tell me what u feel

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Tell me what u feel

Submitted: May 02, 2009

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Submitted: May 02, 2009



altaltaltTell me what u feel,altaltalt

Tell me what u feel my love my dear, talk or whisper in my ears,what u really feel.tell me the real deal,please dont concealed ur mix emotions,im so sorry boo im not much of a mind reader,but i'm a dam good listener.

oh do u remember our very first kiss,when i touch ur face,and than some other places on ur beautiful body, we use to wish,up on a star,and play love songs on my guitar,do u remember our first embrace,oh girl ur my ac,then we held each other oh so close,

it felt so good,like a burst of joy,then i'll make love to u,we use to talk of love under the brightest star,and watch the comit quickly race across the skies,oh the twinkle in ur eyes i can't deny, oh baby please tell me what ur feeling? my love my dove, my angel,is it love?or lust,

You said u love me that much, is it passion?or fashion my sweet heart,tell me what u feel,is it ur hot sensual, burning desire,for me,u set my soul on fire,ur lips are like cherry red wine,it seems like ur always on my mind,Do u remember our first moonlight,walk in

central park,alittle after dark, then we fell in love, all over again,like the first time,we were so inceprable,oh some morable,i could'nt help but notice ur tearsu cried forjoy, I felt love like never before,a kind of love pulsation,a positive vibration,

a sweet sensation,a tribulation its like the first evolation, of our life,in time,when u look at me, and simply smile,and think how lucky i am,so tell me what u feel please tell my dear,let my heart beat clear,u make me feel aliveagain,o i love u, but tell me want u feel?

u take away my pain of lonelinesswhen usay ucare,i feel freeagain,oh please don't cry,just tell me really whats on ur mind,my love i know the world is so cold, and people are so unkind,but our love will always be like expensive wine,oh love will always

shine like the sun,so tell me what u feel,tell me our love will be untouchable,irrisistable,unstoppable,impressionable,very incredible,snuggable, and lovable,forever, so tell me what u feel, is it desire, heat and fire,lust and,

trust,hope and faith, or fulfillment, or commitment, tell me what u feel, she said its simple its this thing we call love,its so special,

it feels so good, its love thanks for telling me what u feel. cuz i feel the same way too.alt


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