THE F' WORD its not that bad

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Submitted: December 17, 2010

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Submitted: December 17, 2010



HugsAndKissesTHE F' WORD oh its not that bad.RunningInField

Life is a fairytales, they say, think of the future,but dont for get the past, freedom will rain some day,if we pray harder.

we'l find our destiny,a better way,for our friends and familys,fearless thoughts,a black heart,reverlations,and everlution, is it a figment of my imagination,

a dead man tells no tales,the feeling of a simple flower, thu is flawless,first,last favorites,failure,she plays the flute her fingers walk slowly covering the black

and white notes,it make the sound of sweet melody, music,for the soul,an overwhelming ,charming, feeling of fun, as ur mind wondered and take flght and fly,far,in the middle of the nite,

care free like the rebon in the wind, of time,Faces,and whispering tongue thier lips moving, superficially, emotions,silence,and science and reasons, or fuck its a struggled of the mind and soul.

THE F' WORD, oh its not that bad, but TELL ME MY SISTER,MY BROTHER HAVE U HEARD,THE F' WORD,today?

oh yea its fun in the fall,as we slide down the hauls, and walls,fake talks and smiles,films of passion and fears,fiction and fane, food for thoughts,and lustful,desires,her beauty fades,fatuously,with a frown,

in time of reality,lets make a feast, for the hungry, and find love for the lonely, just a five letter words call love,fundamentally,or a fundamentalism,essential faith,and believes,secrets and lies, life and arts,born to die,

god and man,the devil, and evil,earth,wind,and fire,blood and water,hopes for the victim. We are all living in sin,self punishment,and a fliction for the wicked,The F words the final count down, its the end of the world,fictional

characters,dark mist, actors,and authors,Oh fuck it its my life, my choice,my dicision,my destiny,so freeze, ur silly thoughts,this is facetious,humorous,artistic futile,a fantasy,fortune tellers,buyer and sellers, suduction of the mind.

and body,the f word fame,and forture,failures,and fights,great and fantabulous,sweet fantastic,quick and fast,angry and furious, a freedom fighter,a man a father,oh just say fuck it,in the name of fun and funny,fuck it. lol lol.

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