The joy of love,

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The joy of love,

Submitted: May 17, 2009

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Submitted: May 17, 2009



altThe joy of love,alt

love is the most wonderful feeling,in the world. love is a complete thought, love is food for the heart,

love is a kind of compatibility,to another,love is a physical and mental chemistry, and sometimes a mystery,

love is a very special touch of butterflies,deep within ur soul. Love can make u sing, love can make u do just about anything,

Love is a beautiful rose garden with the most perfect smell, and pure rich taste of sugary nectar,love is joy and the sweetest passion,known to man.

Love is when ur lips and eyes can speak without saying a word, love is like the chirping birds like in the garden of eden,love is comfort and ,

the surrendering of ur self to another, unconditionally, love is shameless, nameless, but endless posibilities,a desire of fire that burns within,

love in a million ways and one is the cure for loneliness,love in so many words is just what i needed its my weakness.

the joy of love is happiness like the rain from the heavens sometimes.alt


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