The secret of love.

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The secret of love,

Submitted: December 09, 2009

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Submitted: December 09, 2009



altThe secret of love,alt

Is an open door with a welcome matt that said i love you,I really care, Let me share your dreams,and visions of a bright future,the secret of love,

is a promise from the heart, i'll always be there for you,I 'll stand by you, no matter what or where, my love, my dear, i promise i swear,have no fear,no matter how far,a love so dear,

and rear,and near,to perfection,its clear im ganna always be there, i'm ur connetion,to love and respect, honor and to understand you.The secret of love is giving of yourself,with dignity,

it can't hide, itspride,its compassion, to make u my nubian queen,so u can be seen,there's no competiton,loving u is my mission,i'll give u my undivided love and attention, with no restriction,cuz i love u,

oh sotenderly,and passionatly, unconditionally, The secret of love is kindness,communications,conversations, to vibe with you always, to smile and laugh with convictions, to speak directly to ur heart,mind

and soul, to show you my appreciations,my conceren,for each and every moment,we live,The secret of love is a tender kiss,sharing a romantic,sweet moment of intimacy, The secret of love,is endless,cuz ur the best,ur my

tears of happiness,each time i cry,i observe ur passion, joy, success and growth in our relationship,like a bud to a rose,my compliment to u,a toast to love,cuz ur special, like the morning sun,The secret of love,is the sacrifice,and

faith we have, a strong bond and committment, to one another,to have fun,to always be affectionate, and learn to relax,to find a comfort zone,our love is free, and liberated,as we extricate our minds.The secret of love is to love with no

regrets,to learn to forgive, but not to for get,never neglect each other,its kindness. cuz love can live forever i believe,it can beyond time itself. The secret of love is the best feeling of hope,like the rising of the sun to the guiding light.

of the moon, the secret of love is,within us two, i like to call you my boo,for all the things u do,


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