To the temple of love

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To the temple of love,

Submitted: March 01, 2009

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Submitted: March 01, 2009



To the temple of love,LightMenorah

Oh how i long for the feelings of love, like a drug runing though my vain, its driving me insane,I feel almost like a child

trying to mentain a balancing act, i carried my cold emotions,on my aching back, my soul is crying for love,

my feetget soheavy,from walking,its like the weight of the world on my shoulders,but my heart is going to the temple of love, i hear people,

talkingand gossipingits about me, they won't let me be, thier words cut and piece though my defences just like a doubleedge sword,rippingand hurting,

my fragilepride, they are,trying to put me down,i feel,humble,helpless,and almost hopless, like a wounded victim,my tears are like frozen rain,oh the pain,i feel ilke i am going insane,

it hurts like an open wound, it seems,but I knowthe game,and i am not a shame to suffer the consequences for love,i 'll die a thousand death,for love,cliam a cliff for love,i'll kill for love,i'll beg,and stealfor love,

i need love,so i am going to the temple of love,I am a change man now,i may fumble, stumble, fall,and even crawl if its forlove,so meet meat the temple of love. i am going for my healing, Maybe i am,

selfish,or it could dam well be my last wish,maybe i am a dreamer, maybealittle paranoid,or annoyed buy this weid feeling of failure,i cant egnored,i need love,to be heart is getting weaker.

i need air, let me breath,too many spiteful words can really cut and tear, my soul,if i dont havelove, myappitite for love is endless,cuz i have the taste on my tongue for love,im going to the temple of love,maybe it was,

a signby designed that i head north,and stay on the rite parth for love,icant give up,nor will igive in,i must fight and win for love, i v'e hurt for too long, but tonight i am going to the temple..

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