Toxic relationship,#1

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Toxic Relationship,

Submitted: May 17, 2009

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Submitted: May 17, 2009



altToxic Relationship,alt

Today i got over her the way she got over me,no more drama,and paranoid ways, wasting time,hearing her,talking about her self,putting our love on the shelf.

she complains and talk about her X, his mother,her aunt her sister, her job, her kids, her cusin his wife,her life,everyone else eccept me, her emotions seeems so cold.and detached.

yet I stood by her though think and thin, though good times and bad times,though her pains and sorrows,her tears and fears,almost though all of her afliction and even her eviction,

,Now she's got a new gig,sporting a new wig, she is even more distant, she's actin like a pig.No calls, no tex, no emails,i know where this is going a gost ship that sail,i've

been down this road before,she close her doors,i can't enter,well today i will walk away from this toxic relationship, where the coldness of her touch, her lying lips, her,

greedy,needy and feed me days,I want this,I want that ways, its was just too much for me,Today i say thanks and goodbye to a toxic relation,

I am gone,life will go on without her drama,her talks about hating her mama, or her life, her X and his wife,and lock of sex,today i say goodbye,

to what started out as a good friendship to what it is now broken peices of my heart,itscall a toxic relationship,now its,

scattered memories, and voices in the wind, faded laughters,anger words if i argue i can't win,

her painfull promises,of a toxic relationship,now a memory goodbye,my friend.forever.


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