Toxic relationship#2

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Toxic Relationship

Submitted: July 09, 2010

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Submitted: July 09, 2010



Toxic Relationship,

No more drama,she is every bit like her mama, moving her neck and head like a piranha,wen she is mad, she's insane,callin me,names,instead of talking to me, hello i am here,lets vibe,together baby, im ur man!!wats going on?.brokenheart

wats bothering u?Im here through thick and thin,ur evil cold heart i tried to win,I gave u my full suport,love and attention,not to mention meeting ur needs and wants,and ur kids too,oh ur is so mean,ur crocodiles tears,are fake,all u do,brokenheart

is take,u hate to give,ur acting is wack, Im her to listen to ur complains,its all the same,is this all in vain?ur so selfish,talkin about, ur x, his mother,sisters,2kids,brother's,job and her uncle bob,and sex,ur cusins wife,her way of life,nothing,crying

passes her.she is not nice, always talking about her favorite cuzin coming over to take her out, tonite, But what about me? is this in spite to hurt me where do i fit in? this Toxic relationship is no good for me,i gave my heart and soul,but it was'nt,crying

good enough maybe it was'nt meant to be, I never once say no,whenever u needed me.but today i have to go.i'll get over u the way she got over me,i refues to lose and to be use by u, over again,oh the pain,and shame,of love,no more fantasy,heart

too many games,no happy home,or waiting by the phone,thinking u'll call me, write or tex,instead she is mad and vex, she is now my x, this is a toxic relationship,i just got to ditch,This feels like a cut it cant be stitch, today i say bye, to this toxiccrying

relationship,to this bitch,no more suffering, im gone,i gat to get away from this witch,she acting more like a bitch,no more compromise,no more hypercritical lies,and fake love in disquise,Her name is tritch,no more drama,she is just hateful,brokenheart

like her mama miss mitch,they never seems satisfy,always want to be wrong,and strong,Its now too much for me,no more us no more we, this is love over living in a tree,her hateful choice of words,got to kick her to the curve,herbrokenheart

sharp tongue cuts like a two edged ninja sword . she is no good for me,no more wait and see,today i say thanks for the bad memorys,cuz im gone leaving by the break of dawn,today i say good bye to this toxic relationship.i will survive.angry

this toxic relationship.brokenheart

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