Under the shadows of the moonlight.

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Under the shadows of the moonlight.

Under the shadows of the moonlight,alt

Oh How we slow dance cheeks to cheeks,

AND JOYFULLY SPEAKS OF LOVE, until the break of dawn,the stars were dimely lite,and my throughts were,oh this is it,  as i held her hands and ,we got closer, chest to chest .

under the shadows of the moonlight,  OUR TONGUE CONFEST,OUR DESIRES OF PLEASURE,

OH the angels  came out to sing, our favorite songs, I CAN SEE the twinkle in her eyes  brighter, THAN THE SUN, Oh what a night, when time stood still for she and i,.

like the first time in love, IN HER ARMS I COULD DIE,  THE earth moves just alittle bit slower, and love came right on time. under the shadows of the moonlight,we rebel for a moment and dance the forbiden dance,

Burning with desire, as our love ignite yet higher, alomost overloading with passion and full to the top with joy, we dance under the shadows of the moonlight.

Oh what a night when everything in site seems so right, the mood is tight and our intent was to go all night, loving every minute and second, with every, spin, dip and turn, we had no concern

for the rain nor the weather, the world now is our otiose, and it feels so good, to look and gaze across the skies in amaze to see the words in neon saying I love you, baby.

It was written for you, for me by hands of the gods,baby ur still the greatest, so we smile, and laugh, kissED and pleasure ourselves with tenderness, this is heaven under the shadows of the moonlight

Oh love sweet love, to feel ur soft lips press against mines, we captured the moment in time, as we slowly dance under the shadows of the moonlight, just you and I.


Submitted: January 26, 2009

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Christine Chapman

First comment again!!! Yay!


Thu, June 25th, 2009 3:16pm

Just soul143

That is very BEAUTIFUL!! I can so totally imagine it in my head as im reading it just wonderful

Sat, May 26th, 2012 2:19pm


That was beautiful I could really feel it in my heart. There is nothing more romantic than a koolc poem.

Fri, September 14th, 2018 8:04pm

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