What do u think?

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What do u think?

Submitted: March 07, 2009

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Submitted: March 07, 2009



altWhat do u think,?alt

How do i choose between a mocking bird,and a singing bird,or a fool and its tool,

what do you think,? how do i choose paperor ink, a penor apencil,the present or thepast,first and last,the titanicbefore it sinks,

what do you think?it sucks, it stinks, heavenor hell,seeing a crime and not tell,freedom or a jail cell, an avlancheofice,thecalm before the storm.

what do you think? fool me once but not twice, a rat or a mice,what do u think? honey mustard or rice.if i should,do the unthinkable,and not what i am capable, of

the right and not the wrong, what do you think?the color red or pink,is it love or desire, a spark without the fire,destiny or reality, war andor peace,to live or be deceased,

what do you think? if i steer at you, and did'nt even wink, or if i am thirsty, but the water i won't wana drink, my choice, my voice,my mistake to make,the sea or the lake.

what do you think.?the choice is still ours to make, what do u think.


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