when communications fail

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when communications fail,

Submitted: July 05, 2010

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Submitted: July 05, 2010



Huh?2When communications fail,

her silence is like a cancer 2many questions and not enough answers,its a sickness, a killer, its insane,a pain that hurts my brain.almost

too much to bear,when communications,fail its like an infested wounds it get worst,nothing seems right,maybe we should break up,others said we should make up,we need to talk,

oh how i need her,its so dam hard to leave her, but we don'tvibe like we use to, anger now builds up like a pressure cooker, getting ready to bust,sometimes i just can't stand her,and i know,she must have,

felt the same waytoo,maybe we took each other granted,now we feel un wanted,Its a failure in communication,a malfunction,so we played the blame game,oh what a shame, now we are calling,each other,

awful funny and derogatory names,the silent treatment again,on both side, our despicable silence,is dephaning,now our love decreases and talking cease,oh please this is, unbearable,misery,

torchered,spirits, bruised self esteem.treachery throughts and deceitful,behavior on both side,anger is now our companion, its the silent treatment,and looks of disappointment,on our faces,its crazy.

when communications fail,

the wounds of our battered,hurtful heart,takes so long to heal,cuz we fail to talk, no smiles,no laughters,no faith,no debate,she now close the gate to love, for love.

communication as we learn is the key to happiness,and weakness,its our victory over this anger,but we need a soul check,between us,better communications, can be our savior,like a

bird without wingsbut with faith we can fly again,with voices we can sing,again, songs of love, with communications we can hug again,we can laugh again.but mama said they'll be days like this.

when communication fails, life will never be the same, the ugliness of loneliness,and helplessness well always fail us, but with communication we all will be free. its the key, to our own destiny.

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