When i Cried

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When i cried

Submitted: March 18, 2011

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Submitted: March 18, 2011



SadWhen i cried,Crying

The heavens cry,tears like river,i trimble and quiver,i died inside,my lips get dry from talking,my feet get weary from walking,

when i cried, oh so much midnight blues, my poor heart is battered,bleeding, and brused,from the presssure,of failure,my loveis gone,.

when i cried,my spirit gets dull,i feel weak and broken,the pain from my feet to my skull,oh i wish i can see her again,my heart beats like a drum,happiness took so long,

to come,i feel drunken on rum,when i cried, i cried for you,maybe its becuase of the little things u do,oh i miss you so,the rain falls,the sun refuse to shine,no more shadows or silhouette on the wall,

now she won't hear me when i call,when i cried, i hurt inside,i covered my pride,i can't hide,i cried for love,and joy to return,to my parched and burned,soul.cuz i surrender, but to the death i will defend her,

i love her so,When i cried, i cried for the lack of passion,i get shortness of breath,and confuse, i wish we never met,cuz i cant forget,but i regret, not holding on just alittle longer, if only i was stronger,now its inner pain

and anger,so many memories,like precious,treasures,in hopes of things getting better,my head spins like a top,oh how i wish this pain would,cease and stop,cuz when i cried i cried for your touch,ur loving arms around me,

When i cried i feel

like a new born,helplessly,uncontrollably,oh i wish love could resque me, surprisingly.cuz when i cried, it seems like time stood still, im at ur mercy, ur will,my body gets slow its hard to climb that hill,but its necessary if its true love my destiny i

must fullfill, i can;t stand still,my soul i sacrifice,my devotions and torched emotions,my will,to live,and love.one chance at happiness,maybe my last chance for love.cuz i am love struck by cupids arrow,even though my heart is full with pain and sorrow,

i cried for compassion, cuz i miss her so,oh let me lay my body down im so tied, my heart weep and moarn,in great agony, when i cried, i cried for love, i cried for you.

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