How To Do a Reverse Phone Lookup With Online Directories

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What if you need to find who calls your phone and where can you find this info?

Submitted: May 04, 2010

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Submitted: May 04, 2010



In case the phone number is not present in the reverse phone lookup one can search voluntary phone directories and the national register of cell number list. Many people voluntarily list their numbers in a voluntary directory for public access and if the person is lucky he can get the details of the said number from there with ease. Another simple way to combat phone harassment callers is to request phone companies to block the phone number of the unwanted caller. This is the last resort for those who do not wish to report the matter to the police and avoid unnecessary tension.

Frequently, an individual will lose touch with someone and only have a cell phone number to hold on to. The individual's address and other pertinent information may not be readily available, one would suspect. However, by using that telephone number in a reverse cellular telephone search, you will be many steps closer to finding and connecting with a long lost love once again. A search engine is not going to search the contact records of a shopping source and pull out a phone number. It simply doesn't work like that.

Also, you cannot retrieve someone's personal information from a phone number stored EBay, and even if you could the most benefit it would provide you is a screen name, which is likely to be just as useful as the phone number you started with. If you have questions about where your child is going or who they are calling, all you need is the address or the phone number.  All you have to do is type in either one and you don't have to know the name of the people who you are searching for. 

You can find out if they have ever been charged with a crime, you can see their marriage and death certificates and you can find out if they are a danger to your child. Mallory was furious as she got in the car after school.  All grown-up in tenth grade, is usually a pretty tough customer.  It takes a lot to make her mad, and it takes even more to make her furious as she was as she hurled her backpack across the car and sat there fuming.

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