The Night of Broken Glass

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about WORLD WAR 2 and the night Nazis took the Jews to work-camps

Submitted: August 05, 2010

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Submitted: August 05, 2010



The quiet night of November 9, 1938
The footsteps walking down the street the screams of young children as families are being removed from their warm houses. The cries of horror as the soldiers of hell shoot fathers the streets of Germany are being cleaned. The1,000 synagogues were burned, 7,000  the businesses were trashed and looted, dozens of people were killed, and cemeteries, hospitals, schools, have been broken to pieces the glass shards cover the streets of cold blood. The footsteps get louder as people try to keep out of sight. The smell of smoke fills the noses of everyone the smell of burning flesh. Screams can be heard loud and blood curling echoes throughout the streets. Gunshots rattle young children dreams and nightmares become all real and more and more footsteps can be heard down the street’s of Germany.
Kicking and screaming no chance of escaping the flames grow higher has the pile of bodies multiplying. Blood fills the cracks along the streets. Puddles of blood.
Then all was quiet all was dead no more screams no more footsteps. Remains of bodies and items covered the streets. The 30,000 people, who were old, young, children, sick and health. Some with brown hair and eyes others with black or red. These people were then placed on the train.  Sound of a train whistle echoes through out the quiet streets.  The train begins to move along Europe.

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