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Hey people I'm back and not with the zombie stuff (I'm sorry, for those who liked it I will finish it after this). So if you like movie like Reeker or The Hills have eyes you will enjoy this

Submitted: May 16, 2011

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Submitted: May 16, 2011



We stand apon the crest of the hill, looking down apon the never ending land of Death Vally.

"Look at him run......coward"

says The Crawler moving our arm up to swat at a fly buzzing around our ear. We turn our head to see if the police have reached this spot yet,

"We must be watchfull, keep an eye out for those who follow us like a bloodhound to a cornered rabbit".

The Hunter always to dramatic, I turn our head to look at the boy running about threehundred yards away from us. He is a boy to our eye for we were around before the begining of time, but to the humans he is almost a man. He is about seventeen years of age and can run very...very fast for a human. We think he may have some crossbreeding with one of our kind. Mental note find the traitor and rip our thier inside and strangle them with their spinal cord.

In the blink of an eye we are in front of the boy, he screams and trys to run. But One of my brothers The watcher splits his body from out and appears in front of the boy.

"What now you little bitch" He says as he runs the razor shatrp blades he has for hand back and forth across each other.

Our brother has adopted the way of speacking of this generation, we do not hold him in contept for it......he is still the most brutal killer we have among us. And to follow the Watchers my two other brother disconnect from me and appear on the right and left of the boy. The Crawler him body mangled and twisted, legs the bend backwards and a skull with no skin from the upper lip up. And his body covered in skin tight medival armor that he never chooses to take off. And then the Hunter Wearing the clothes of a Gladiator but standing seven feet eleven inches and carring his massive broad sword. The only thing beside his masivly over developed muscles and hight that would tell you he is not just a normal man is the foot wide gaping hole in his chest.

The boy turns to me seeing that I the Seeker is our current leader.

"Please let me go have mercy" He say tears spilling down his face and being sucked up by the dry ground.

Me standing at six and a half feet with a hand that can morph into any bladeed weapon I choose step forward, And stab the boy through the chest and out his back. His heart clutched in my hand, my fingers morphesd in so razor sharp knives.

"IT's time to feed on his sour brothers" I say as I raise the boy's heart as if it were an apple and begin to feed.

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