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An amazing 16 year old girl that has been a mother since she was 11 years old and she was grate with her she always was there with her when she could be.She gave up the girl when she was born but she gave it up to her cuz heather wish was a realy good mother to her and she loves her as much as Shavannah dose.. But i have always thought of shavannah of an amazing girl that is there when u need her to be there but for me it was a whole diffrent thing she was always there even if i didnt want her to be or didnt need het to be there.. Shavannah had always told me that she had love me to death. Some times i beilived that and some times i did.. Okay back to befor all this Shavannah was with my cusion linsey..Linsay had always said she wasent with anybody but her but she was realy with a boy named cody Linsey had never cared who she hurt is all she cared about was that she got what ever she wanted and she didnt care who she hurt. The first time shavannah had came over to the house.I wasent home i had went to mine and Linseys friends Vickeys house..Then i found out that Linseys boyfriend cody had been laying in linseys bed when shavannah and linsey had got home from school and so linsey sleep with cody when shavannah was sopost to be the obnley one that linsey was dateing.So shavannah keep takeing her back and keep getting hurt..The second time she came over i was here and then i realized how much i actule liked her and i fealt bad becouse she was linseys.. but then i thought about how much linsey had hurt her i reay didnt care not like i was going to date her i wasenrt bi.....But then i thought that i must be turing that way..My mom could read my mind i say and i knew thast she was going to do something and she did she told shavannah that she should leave linsey for me and then at the end of the school year we started to right notes and i found ut how much she realy did like me and it made me happy that she liked me as much as i liked her..i love her to death..2 days after scchool let out linsey broke up with shavannah so i dated her and then i went with her to the west vegina fair and then i stayed at her house for 3 days after that with out her mom being there and then she left 3 hickies on me so i havent been aloude over there since then... Her mom hates me now. Shavannah has fellings for almost everyone...But she tells me im the one thhat she loves the most i dont know if thats true but yea...I cry everyday now becuz of her. Sometimes i think i can trust her other times i know that i cant trust her. It dosent matter how much she hurts me i keep going back to her cuz i am so in love with her. She jest takes avanged of that she knows i will go back to her so she can do it again with out loseing me for good. I jest dont know why i keep going back to her so much is all i know is that she is steal so amazind to me i cant get over her.Its so hard to try to date someone ealse when ur so much in love with a nother person i jest dont know anymore.. Theres sertin people i know i can trust shavannah around and others i cant.. My best friend lindsays ex gf broke up with her and now she thinks she can be all over shavannah why im dateing her i told her the other day at school she has a bf. Im dateung shavannah she needs to back off of her its not my fault that she broke up with lindsay. She took avanged of me not beeing there the next day and was all over shavannah again other then lindsay told krystina that it wes never going to happen and shef tryed her hardest to any way..It made me so made when lindsay had told me that shavannah had gave krystina her number the day i wasent there. Every one linsey talks to she usule dates so im so afarid im going to lose her for good.. I dont know why i steel keep her i jest do im so use to beeing hurt that i jest dont care anymore when it happens im fine that i stell cry over her but it hurts.

Submitted: January 19, 2010

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Submitted: January 19, 2010



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