Into His Eyes

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He looked into her eyes, and something pure. She looked into his eyes, and could finally see something.

Submitted: April 16, 2016

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Submitted: April 16, 2016



The boy with the silver-grey eyes. He sat three seats away, his calm silver eyes always shimmering. They were not blue nor green, brown, or hazel, but stainless silver. His gaze could cut anything as if it were a blade. His white hair was the color of snow, adding more to his cold, cool aura. He hardly spoke, but when he did, his smooth crisp voice gave him a sophisticated tone. All the girls, even some teachers, liked his cool, mysterious air, finding it hard to even make conversation with him. Though he made every women in the school quiver with gidy excitement, the men would brush him off, hating his seemingly confident demeanor, thinking he saw himself so much higher than them. She however, was more enraptured than any other girl or woman. She had spoke to him, looked into his silver eyes. They drew her in, locked with her own eyes, and she felt herself slip from the material world. She finally saw something. She felt different, as if he had opened her up to new ideals, new thinking, a new reason for living. It was odd, not because it was him who made her feel this way, but that she felt this way in general. Like him, she was different, others shot her strange looks, or so she’s told. He saw her eyes, not blue nor green, brown, or hazel, but white as ice, with a chilling, blank stare to match. He never looked at her strange, never thought the eyes were a problem, but in fact, he embraced it. He loved their eyes, and like how she, through word and thought, feel for his stainless steel eyes, he fell for her diamond white eyes.


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