Unknown Future

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Its a summary of a story, thought it would be good to get feed back on it before anything else.

Submitted: March 16, 2015

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Submitted: March 16, 2015




In another time, far into the future, society is now divided into two groups. Those known as “Sky Walkers” for they live in the new floating cities that are now in the clouds and above the ruined planet we once lived on. And the “Ground Walkers” those who could never make a living in the new world or those who never had a chance to. Those on the surfaced lived in the remnants of the cities and towns man once lived in before we killed the planet. Those who lived in the advanced, futuristic floating utopia had all they could ask for, given that those before them contributed to society one way or another. Otherwise, you were likely to join those in what some referred to as the “Undercity,” and become nothing more than a husk of what mankind once dreamed and strived for. The “citizens” of the Undercity were often accused of any crime committed, so they would be sent to the headsman's block not long after, with none to defend them, no evidence, and no one to believe they could not make it into the city.

But among the ranks of the lucky, prosperous, and luxurious, there are those that wish for change. There are those that dream that mankind can once again be brought together as one group, no rich nor poor. Those that dream of change often get stomped out fairly early, with their parent’s using “connections” to make them “forget” up their “foolish” intentions. But there are a few who are able to keep the dreams a secret, long enough for them to attempt to do something about it.

Five such Sky Walkers have done so. They plan to find those who think the same as them, in one form or another, and help them bring change. All of them share different views on how things should be handled. Which one is right, which one is best, no one knows the answer to that. There is only really one way to find out, is there not? There is but one who can make the choice. One, that all the others follow. His choice will change the future.


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