An Act of Courage

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Well I really am not good with summaries, or writing, but i wanted to post this and see what everyone thought so here you go!

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



I awoke in a dark room alone, vision blurred, hearing nothing but blood curlding screams. All of the sudden a disfigured monkey-like demon was walking towards me, from it I could hear twisted laughter, as it got closer I noticed a gleam of light hit a small jagged knife that it was holding. It was a foot away, and I could feel it breathing heavily on my face while it laughed, feeling pleasure out of this moment. I could tell it was a male because of its voice and build, because my vision had returned, but it was a little late. He left small cuts all over my body, as if he wanted to hear me beg for my life. Just then there was a flash of light and we were both blinded and all i could hear were shrieks of terror. I should probably tell you how this all started, so you don't get confused. This all started a month ago when I had woken up at five in the morning. I wasn't sleeping very well lately, because I was constantly having dreams of me running around a world full of demons, and saving the innocent, with a beautiful half wolf demon at my side. I noticed in my dream tonight that I was a half demon too. In my dream, I had wolf ears, a tail, and all of my senses were greatly enhanced. I decided to go for a walk where i saw a girl sitting on a swing at the park. It looked like she was crying so I walked over to her to see if she was okay. When I got to her, and saw her face, I noticed it was the girl from my dreams. I started to back away, confused and scared, but out of nowhere someone attacked us. All of the sudden she had claws, wolf ears, a tail, and moved so fast she couldn't be seen by the naked eye. I tried to keep up and then, I spit up blood, covering my hands in it along with the ground near my feet. I looked at my side and I saw a huge gash. The gash had been what made me cough up blood. The demon that was attacking wasn't trying to get her, he was after me! Just then the girl jumped in front of me, trying to protect me. The demon quickly knocked her to the side. I looked at her, as she lay there unconcious and my entire body started pulsing. Wolf ears popped out of my head, I grew a tail, claws formed from my fingernails, and ALL of my senses became heightened. The demon that had attacked laughed and lunged at her for the kill. I screamed "NO!" and I ran in front of him blocking his attack with my left arm. The powerful blow it had thrown at me had broken my arm, but she was safe. I then put my fingers straight, in the shape of a blade, and quickly jabbed at his stomach and chest. My arm went all the way through the ominous creature both times. It fell and bled to death. Realizing her ears, tail, and claws had gone away when she was knocked out, I picked the girl up and carried her to the hospital so a doctor could tend to her wounds. I stood there by her side the whole time she was in comatose to make sure no one else could hurt her. I thought of what i did as quite a courageous act, but if I told anyone what I did, exactly how it happened, NO ONE would believe me. I slept soundly that night at the hospital knowing I did the right thing.

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