A Plea to Contradiction

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A malleable treaty

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



the fox found his grapes
in a mechanistic approach
to a situation barracading
intervals and adventitious gates

negative reinforcement
castrating your progress
gratifying the conquest
over nought and you
are indivisble
at the same time,
so you try annihilation;
relying on salvation

reaching out to empty space

you will never seperate
the calender from the desire
for what gives it any purpose
meaning, or direction

are the walls that have been painted;
designed for certain
but coercion has been wasted
by individual
and vantage point

destruction is abrasive
imperative, and faceless
a mirror is a fable
discerning surface affirmation
from the vibrational formation
of persona manifold

a grid becomes a net
an explosive capable
of eradicating flesh
related to, encompassing
the intellect at rest

and to assert
an immoral, as disturbed
is to adorn
and further galvanize
the absence of a good towards
every corner turned
thereby positing that
in full

there is, too, base
which, neutral at first

in becoming stirs
a mutuality concerned

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