Sisyphus Revisited (Once Again)

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Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



I pick up a stone. I think it`s dead. I could venture to know for sure, but I am afraid of castration rituals because my mother died before I was born. My heart is swollen with dejection and too large for my throat to handle, I have no choice but to swallow. My thumb is savouring the curvature of the stone. Ravens in my brain cells are chewing on congealed aphorisms and spitting them out at unsuspecting passers by. They brake and frown, synchronicity guiding each head to disagree from side-to-side. My words are a gum to the shoe. I forgive them because I understand how important the stop sign they are late for is. One fellow strays out of curiosity. Why this man would want to revoke his comfort is a mystery to me. He reaches beneath his foot and plucks the little sediment to freedom from a creviceunder his loafer. Elbow buzzing, I am sure he has arthritis. He may as well be senile. What use is an impediment but for us to notice purity? His arm creaks to his mouth, receptive and open to interpretation. He swallows with a choiceand chose not to use his jaw. A bridge retracted from a mote, now a door to ensure closure.
`Hopeless` He says, and he points to the pedestal I am floating above
`Perhaps it will taste better if we switch places`
His suggestion.
I offered him my fingers but he chose to claw at my ears for support. Chose, chose, chose.
I don`t mind.
Listening is for losers who talk with their eyes closed.
I hand him the stone and join the procession.
The bloated road a twisting scale; aimed at a point in the distance.

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