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The story of a man and his hopeless search for love, only to be forsaken by everything he knows.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012






Creed looked through his window as he did every night, at around 11:00 only to see the fair Brielle as she routinely brushed her hair in front of her mirror and walked to bed. Creed looked with lust upon her, but no one seemed to have any interest in Creed. Even if they did, his heart was stolen by Brielle, and he could love no other. He every day tried to open the door to their apartment complex for her, brought her gifts anonomously, and she was completely oblivious to his love. One night he realized how incredibly penniless he was becoming from all the gifts he sent Brielle. Upon coming home one night, he found a note on his now locked apartment door. ‘Eviction notice: Rent unpaid.’, along with a box of his important belongings. He hung his head and walked away, without even taking his things.


Creed walked to the park, he didn’t know what else to do. He was now homeless. All of his inheritance money from his late parents was for the most part spent. He had a week’s worth of money left. Creed didn’t even blink twice for Brielle anymore. He looked at everything now with the same glazed gaze. He walked as a loner. He’d always been an introverted, hopeless romantic, but now, any small things he had to live for seemed gone.


The managers of the park found him one day to tell him that his prescence frightened those in his vicinity, and that they didn’t want to go to a park where there was a lonely homeless man staring creepily at everyone. They asked him to leave. He left, nowhere else to go.


He came to the mountain where he had first seen her – Brielle. He remembered exactly where she was, where he was, how he had seen the most beautiful girl in the world for the first time. He walked up to the summit of the mountain. As he looked upon the world which had so bitterly forsaken him, the sun which seemed to mock him with it’s very light started to retreat. He laid down on the hard, stone, frigid ground, where he shivered himself to sleep.


Nemurimasen. The mountain never forgets. Never retires.


Night. The core of the mountain alive. Hidden. Everseeing. The summit opened, creed falling in, to hit a hard ground of a cavern. He heard movement, the mountain moving; the walls he couldn’t see, he felt them moving closer. The cavern seemed to be fit to his body shape now. He couldn’t breathe, with the smell of sulfur choking his senses. The cave continued to get smaller, contorting Creed into weird shapes. Creed cried out to the God he didn’t believe in. He cried to himself, a pitiful weep, and blood-curdling screams in the night. The cave came in on his arms, cutting them off. Creed screamed, to be heard only by the mountain. He figured he would drown in his own blood, but to his surprise, he wasn’t bleeding, but the pain, the pain never stopped. Jagged spikes cut his legs into uneven, halves, his body being twisted, changed into something inhuman.



Creed’s eyes opened wide, and he tried to breathe. He couldn’t. All his organs had been squeezed out by the pressure of the cave. He tried to stand up. He had no arms. He looked down, and saw veins of sulfur coursing through what was left of his inconsistent skin, made many shades of grey and green by the rocks that had disfigured him so. His mouth was strange, strands of skin kept him from opening it widely. He tried to scream at himself, but his lack of organs produced only a hiss. Creed. He wasn’t Creed anymore. He was a freak. He wasn’t human.


He walked in the shadows, the sun burned him, and he was afraid of himself, or other people seeing him. He managed his way to the park he’d stayed at. He saw Brielle. He couldn’t take it. He skid out of the shadows, to let the sun burn him. He tried to scream in pain, but remembered he couldn’t speak. The sun penetrated his skin, and ignited the sulfur. Brielle had only heard him before turning around. The last thing she saw was the only man who loved her for more than her looks. The man that loved her. The man.

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