The Life Frozen

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Tim a mid-aged person is admitted to the emergency ward for a actute myocardial infarction and now he's stuck between life and eternity will he survive? doctors.. have lost him

Submitted: February 08, 2014

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Submitted: February 08, 2014




"We'll save you trust us" ... they holded my hand and gave me some trust...........

Lying on a stretcher cart I could barely see the world as if it all was cloudy. The pain in my chest was in rising by every second. My Eyelids were rapidly moving from one corner to another. Yes, I could see the nurses … the doctors running before my cart, pushing it hard as if they want to send me to the room in one go. They were monitoring me side by side.  I could hear the sounds of the machines. My breath was hard and fast. Bashing through the doors of a room which was full of lights doctors lifted me from my cart to the bed and greeted me with puncturing one of my veins and putting drip in one of my arms I won’t mind for the pain as I was unable to feel it. “Move the crash cart quickly “I heard of the doctor saying.  I could hear the tickling of the second’s hand of clock. It feels as if everything is stopped… I can’t enumerate the feeling in words .By the time one of the nurses dropped an important tool and I heard another doctor yelling and shouting on her. Doctor placed a stethoscope on my chest and hears my heart. I was all feared seeing so many people working on me, umm I felt as I was amongst one of the important personalities.  I saw my hands they were trembling and shaking … doctors looked in eyes and reflected direct light in my eyes.

“We are losing him, we are losing him” I heard the one surgeon in green dress … “Bp’s going down no movement CODE BLUE… I repeat we are on CODE BLUE..”


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