Alice (Falling Down)

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My sister really enjoys Alice and Wonderland, so i decided to write a poem about it. She is so obsessed for anything with a "Alias name" she chooses Alice.
This is for her :)

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012






Seems like your falling down

You really should’ve gone around

After hours you finally found

The hard concrete ground

Yeah you see too many doors.

Which one leads to outdoors?

You found a key,

Drank some tea

To help you get through

To the blue

Open sky

Then a rabbit hopped by

“ Oh yes! Your late!”

“Run to Your Date”

“ I’ll take you to the queen!”

“Keep in mind she is mean!”

Your thoughts of it being a dream!


There you began to play

A silly game of croquet

By a long shot you won,

But it was something you shouldn’t have done.

Then they began to chase

Challenging you to a race.

There you met a mad-hatter

And all the guards began to scatter

“have some tea?”

Then you sat with all three


By then you were done,

And began to run

And never stop

And no “bunny-hop”

Could interfere with you

But with nothing more to do,

You woke from the dream

No shout nor scream. 


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