Signed With Love

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A way to say goodbye... without saying so.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012




Signed With Love


You belong to me

For I need a key

To my heart

Together till we part.

To say I love you

Is to attach to

To me its not another silly game

It was never the same….



Yet to you,

I couldn’t see through

I though you were the only one

It was to poke fun, huh?

Well whose gonna say it?

Just packed my travel kit

I’m out

Without doubt

All that you lied about


Can’t you remember?

Last November

With no worry

Heck, maybe my vision was a little blurry

Sitting there by the lake

You could hear my heart unbreak

But I did a double take…


You aren’t who you were before

Buy the time you read this

I’ll be out the door

Forever, ever more


Seeing you read this letter

Maybe it’s better,

Without me,

All that would be,

Is gone.


See you on your knees,

Beggin baby please,

Well I start to pray

As I drive away.

Tears fall from my eyes

All because I piled up the lies


Now this is the end

You no longer have to pretend

And speaking of,

I just got rid of,



Signed with Love;


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