The Lonely in the Hallways

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lonely can be a darkness in your life.... it tricks you to think its good... until you become it.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012




The Lonely in the Hallways


I thought we had everything!

I was waiting for the ring!

I don’t see why you had to leave,

And you just left me here to grieve!


Three years have passed

And I know now our love could never last.

Lock myself in the room

Only to assume

You are dead,

But even with the thought I dread.

I love you, I hate you

What a horrible person could do

Something like break my heart!?

I thought our life could officially start.


The black shadows began to appear,

This time, I have no fear.

It’s just me and the Lonely here,

And they never seem to disappear.

They dance slowly in the hallways,

Help me heal through the holidays.

If its my imagination, I don’t care

They are here to comfort, to touch my hair.

To hold me when I cry in my bed.


Maybe if I become dead,

I can be alive with the Lonely forevermore,

And help those with the sorrow I once had before. 


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